Better-B learning platform now available

Our Better-B learning platform is now available. 

On this platform you can find all our outcomes and products, from videos to scientific publications, newsletters and public events. 

You will also learn how to get involved in our Multi Actor Forum and contribute to our citizen scientist part. 

Moreover, you can filter all items by keywords so that you can concentrate on your favourite topics first. 

Stay tuned, this page will grow and flourish during the course of the project.

Enjoy browsing!

We need you! Join us for the citizen scientist part of Better-B!

We need you! Join us for the citizen scientist part of Better-B!

Urbanisation, climate change and the loss of biodiversity due to the expansion of agriculture and livestock farming may force bees and other pollinating insects to share food sources.

Recording the different pollinating insects as a function of time and location will provide an overview of the quantities of food sources available and the nesting opportunities for bumblebees, solitary bees, hoverflies and other insects, and will therefore help us to understand the extent to which the environment is favourable to pollinating insects.

Interested? Go to our new citizen scientist webpage and get involved!

Better-B article in Bee World!

Read our article in Bee World and learn how we aim to restore the resilience of honey bees. Enjoy browsing!

Better-B newsletter page now available on the website!

Have you already read the first Better-B newsletter, focussing on beehive construction and its effect on in-hive temperatures? We sent it out by email throughout Europe in the course of April. In case you missed it, you can now find the newsletter in Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian on our dedicated webpage.

Make sure you receive all upcoming newsletters by registering in our community. Get involved with us!

Save the date! Better-B public event on 14 Nov 2024 in Wageningen!

Join us for half a day of project updates and open forum discussion focussing on invasive species and climate change impacting the resilience of honey bees.

This event will take place in Wageningen, the Netherlands on Thursday 14 Nov 2024, right after the COLOSS conference (11-13 Nov 2024).

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