“Inside the Better-B hive”: Emmanuel Ruffio

Emmanuel Ruffio explains how he and his collegues will try to "separate" the bees from their environment to measure the temperature of the colony.

“Inside the Better-B hive”: Marten Schoonman

Digital tools for honeybees health: Meet Marten Schoonman, from our subcontractor Beep Foundation and their beehive-specific systems.

“Inside the Better-B hive”: Anna Dupleix-Marchal

Can beekeepers use hive temperature as an indicator of their health? The answer from Anna Dupleix-Marchal, of Co-Actions.

“Inside the Better-B hive”: Giovanni Formato

Defining control strategies for diseases related to invasive species: Meet Giovanni Formato from our Italian partner Istituto Zooprofilattico Lazio e Toscana.

“Inside the Better-B hive”: Emmanuel Ruffio

Emmanuel Ruffio from our French partner Co-Actions explains how understanding and being able to change the #temperature within the #hive is one of the #keys to #resilient #beekeeping.

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